1. Lucky Numbers is the name given by bookmakers to betting at fixed odds on the results of the South African National Lottery.

2. The Lotto game is played subject to Western Cape Gambling Board and SMS2BET Betting Services's General Rules.SMS2BET Betting Services rules will apply to any situations not covered by the Western Cape Gambling Rules.

3. The maximum payout to any one customer, or group/syndicate of customers acting together, is R250,000 on any one national lottery draw and/or on any one day.

4. In order for a Lotto Bet to be valid you must have received a bet confirmation on your screen. All Lotto Bets on a specific draw must be placed (and confirmed by us) at least 15 minutes before the first number in that draw is drawn. Any Bet accepted after this time will be void and stakes returned, win or lose, unless we are satisfied that the Bet was placed before the draw started.

5. We accept no responsibility for bets not placed or confirmed in time, for whatever reason. We accept Lotto Bets on correctly predicting 1 ball, 2 balls, 3 balls and 4 balls drawn in a national lottery draw. All numbers chosen in one line must be correct to win. We also accept bets on the Bonus Ball.

6. Unless you specify a particular draw(s) or date, valid Lotto Bets will always be settled on the next draw to take place.

7. If, for any reason, 2 or more draws take place on the same day/date, unless otherwise specified and subject to paragraph 10 below, valid Lotto Bets will be placed on the main (or, if the event of any dispute, the first) draw to take place on that day/date.

8. If an additional draw for a particular national lottery is introduced after a valid Lotto Bet has been placed, such advance Lotto Bet will not stand against that additional draw unless the date and time of that additional draw was specifically recorded against the Lotto Bet when it was placed.

9. If for any reason a lottery draw does not take place or no draw (i.e. result) is published or officially announced, all valid Lotto Bets on that draw will stand for the next available draw(s) unless cancelled by mutual consent before such next available draw(s).

10. If for any reason a lottery draw is postponed and is rescheduled to another time, all valid Lotto Bets on that draw will stand for the rescheduled draw(s) unless cancelled by mutual consent before such rescheduled draw(s).Lotto Bets cannot be combined with any other betting event, nor may 2 or more draws be combined in accumulative bets.

11. All dates and times displayed on Lucky Numbers pages are in South African time. Draw dates and times displayed on the bet confirmation are in South African time.

12. Results of all draws are displayed on the 'Results' pages on www.luckynumbers.co.za

13. Odds are subject to fluctuation